Week before holidays is always tough

I think I did pretty well this week considering in my head all I can think about is going on holidays.  I’ve had a few commute runs and rides to work to keep the miles ticking away as part of Manchester Marathon training plan.  

I tried out cross fit for the first time as well after having bought a voucher through Living Social to try out Train Manchester.  Wow!  That is hard core, the foundation course was a sign of whats to come, I’m going to be having my first full session Saturday morning with a friend, so that should be a toughie, and tire me out sufficiently for our flight that night…..To India!

Awoke on Wednesday morning to fresh snow falling, having planned to do my long run, there wasn’t much to do except get out and run in it!  I knocked out 13 miles to get to work and then finishing at 11 at night, knocked out another 7miles in the pouring rain and wind to get home, taking me up to 20 for the day.  I know I should do the full 20 together but time was an issue, but considering they were a tough 20 I feel it will suffice.

ImageI finally got my new phone this week after having my old one stolen, so was working with an old Iphone 3 for ages waiting for my free upgrade to come around again, I can’t believe how great the new one is!!  So fast!  And look at my super trendy phone cover…….Very fitting I think.


So off on hol’s now for 3 weeks, a time to get some well earned rest but can assure you there will be a few runs in there as well.  Nothing better than running in the heat on the beach, looking forward to that, but it won’t be full on….that will be when I get back and need to focus back on Manchester Marathon on 28th April and the following weekend the Coastal Endurance Series, 34 miles in North York Moors….Eek!!!


Week of Wins!

I never win anything…..until now!  I started off my week with a call from Rosso Restaurant in Manchester, I had one dinner for two with a bottle of wine after putting my business card in the draw over a Christmas Networking event held there.  How exciting!  I immediately got hubster and I booked in for the 15th Feb, the night before we go away on holidays for 3 weeks in India, just perfect!

Then a fellow twitterer, @chrishorricks31 , tweeted me to tell me that my Letter to the Editor had been published in the latest issue of Runners World, which means I have won a pair of Saucony running shoes!
runners world

Now I’m thinking I should buy a lottery ticket as these things always happen in 3’s.  Though I don’t want to give my 3rd away, I am secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that I will win with Ashmei http://www.ashmei.com to be selected as one of their ‘Face of Ashmei 2013’ places.  That would just top it all off.  Apparently I won’t find out if I have been successful until around mid February so fingers crossed until then.

I finally took 2 rest days after the excesses of Janathon, had Sunday and Monday (3rd & 4th off) after a massive bike ride on Saturday.  I went out with hubby and 2 other mates for a 75 mile (yes 75, not 7.5) ride from Didsbury, up Wizards Hill, up past the Cat n Fiddle outside Macclesfield (stopping at the Peak Tea Rooms for a bacon sandwich & coffee), through Buxton and up to Castleton (stopping again this time for a seriously tasty hot choc with the works and a massive piece of choc fudge cake to boot), taking a peak at Winnats pass (which we will be attempting in the Summer I’m promised) and back through Stockport to home.  Absolutely shattered after that.

Been testing out my Brooks Project shoes, a pair of Pure Grit trail shoes.  Getting to trial them out for free from Up and Running in Deansgate.  Even had a bout of snow on Tuesday to really put them to the test this week.


Unfortunately I have got a months break from Bioticfit classes as we are off on holiday, so thought I would try out Crossfit (got a deal through livingsocial) and headed there last night, but couldn’t find it!!!!  Need to do a foundation course to learn before you can attend, so looks like that will have to wait until Tuesday next week.

Thursday morning meant the day of my long run, I was on a late shift at work, so perfect to knock out 18 miles. I thought I would combine my run with getting to work, so did 11 miles around Didsbury to Salford Quays and back, grabbed my backpack and ran the last 7 to work. Only had a glass of water at home at 11 miles, silly move not grabbing some energy, so the last 3 miles were pretty nasty, but 18miles completed so feeling pretty pleased with myself! Was absolutely starving when I got to work so Chef cooked me a BLT bap and a cup of tea and I am back on form! Bring on the 20miles as part of the training plan next week. Getting ready for Manchester Marathon in April, it is only supposed to be a 8 mile run next week, but then I am on holiday for 3 weeks in India and fitting the 20 miles in there might prove difficult so I thought I’ll get that out of the way and do the 8 miles (and then some) in India!

It’s the end, but it doesn’t have to be Day 31 Janathon

I can’t believe I have made it through the full month without a day off exercise, looking forward to getting a rest day in, but it won’t actually be until some time next week!

I enjoyed my run in the morning, a nice 7 miles to work in Brooks Pure Grit shoes that I am trialing out.  Because my trek is on the footpath I jumped into Phillips park to test out the grit side of things and treated myself to 5 hill reps. They worked really well.  They are comfy and look good too!

After a massive service on my bike today, it was a great feeling to ride home 7 miles with tyres that have tread and brakes that work!  I felt my tyre after we changed it, and it was as smooth as a babies bum, and the brake pads, well……the pad part was non-existent!

Was supposed to make it to Circuits tonight but alas I got held up at work so that was a no go, glad I couldn’t though as I think I have pulled my pack slightly moving a TV at work, the wrong way, bending at the back not at the knees!  Lesson learnt the hard way!