Extreme Adventure Food Mexican Chilli Con Carne

Tried this one out for a breakfast with hubby before the Avalanche Events Fan Dance. At £5.99 for 800 calories, weighing only 162g, this certainly had the right figures to play the part. No fancy descriptions on the website, just high energy and low weight, perfect for Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon as I want as many tasty calories as possible for the lowest carrying weight possible.
Very simple to use, rip open the packet, add the required boiling water, reseal and wait 8 mins before eating. The before image looked promising, and when I opened the package once it had rehydrated it did actually look like chilli con carne. Good start!

Now for the important part, the taste test. It tasted pretty good, quite a lot of flavour, a little grainy & crunchy in parts, but perhaps I could let it sit a couple of minutes longer than the recommended time and see if this helps, but that wasn’t enough to put me off, it had a good flavour and we enjoyed eating the entire contents.
Happy to report there were no stomach issues from eating this before the race, and the energy kept us going for a very rough run indeed.
I’ll definitely be getting on line at Likeys to stock up on some of these before we go to the Kalahari, and no doubt purchasing a few other flavours as well. Great value for money, high calories and tasty flavour, I give this one a 4 out of 5.

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