Mirelle Activewear Runner Shorts

Summer might be over for now but take advantage of ‘The Sale’ and get yourself a pair of ‘never go out fashion’ runner shorts.  These little cuties from Mirelle are on sale at the moment for only £19.90 (down from £59) and trust me they won’t go out of fashion, especially if you go for the black ones like me.  They also come in ‘city print’ if you are after something a bit more colourful.  Even though we have hit Autumn I am going to carry on in shorts as long as possible especially for track and speed sessions where you work up a sweat in no time at all, teamed with a pair of compression socks you’ll be warm enough out there for that short spurt.


Mirelle from Mirelle Activewear gave me a pair of these to try out and give some feedback, I grabbed these in a medium to test out and they fit like a glove (so I best not pack on any winter pounds then) and are really comfortable.  Short enough but enough coverage so that when you bend over after a tough session and can’t breathe you aren’t exposed, plus the have in-built under shorts so your modesty will remain intact however you are situated.  the are super lightweight and have a nice thick elasticated waist band that sits comfortably without cutting in.  There’s a small pocket on your right rear cheek, but there is nothing to seal it securely though the flap covers it pretty well so unless you are cartwheeling or hardstanding around the place like I sometimes do, your key will remain in place.

Whilst you are on the website if anything else takes your fancy, don’t forget to use my special discount code ‘runningdutchie’ at checkout and save 15% off any full priced items.

Shorts in city print, rear view with pocket (photo courtesy of Mirelle)
Shorts in city print, rear view with pocket (photo courtesy of Mirelle)