Mountain House Scrambled Egg with Ham & Potato – Freeze dried food

Mountain houseThe team at Mountain House Europe very kindly sent me some samples of their freeze dried food to try in preparation for the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon.  I had heard quite a bit about Mountain House food on other blog sites from MdS (Marathon Des Sables) runners and also from a close friend & avid trekker, Nina.

With a choice of oatmeal or scrambled egg, I chose to go with the egg for my long run as this came in the ‘big pack’ option giving me 843kcal at £7.50 per pack (the normal size pack would give you 508kcal at £5.50 per pack) but it is going to be about getting in as many calories as possible.

Mountain House describe this as scrambled egg with pieces of ham & crunchy potato….looking at the dehydrated mix as pictured in my before shot it was hard to imagine what this

Mountain House before & afterwould end up looking like.  I added the boiling water as prescribed, gave it a good mix, resealed the pouch and left it alone for the recommended 8-9 minutes.  It certainly smelled the part upon opening the pouch (even before opening the tasty smell of ham & eggs filled the room), on opening the pouch a fairly tasty looking mix was revealed.  It did look like real scrambled egg with very visible pieces of ham & potato.  I didn’t add any seasoning as I won’t have this with me in the desert so wanted to see if I could stomach it as it comes.  I needn’t have worried, it tasted pretty damn good.  I have had worse scrambled eggs at some hotel buffets!  The ham added a nice flavour and the potato pieces did stay crunch which added a nice change in texture.  The mix stayed hot for over half an hour, as this is how long it took me to eat it all.  I guess it is in the name, but the ‘Big Pack’ was BIG.  I felt good eating it, and ran 43 miles following this breakfast without any adverse side effects on my digestion.  I seem to struggle with food on my run so this is a big plus for me.  I will be trying some other brands as well, but more because I will be needing to make sure my food is as varied as dehydrated food can be, so a few different brands & flavours will work for me, but Mountain House Europe will definitely be featured on my menu.

I enjoyed the breakfast, it felt like I had a real breakfast, which I am sure will be a welcome relief in the morning after running through the desert and spending nights roughing it in simple camp sites..  It is packed light and it is so easy to use, and with the high calorie content it will be a must for me.  Try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  I have given this product a 3.5 star rating out of 5.

Mountain House have got a tasty range of main meals and desserts as well that I am looking forward to trying out soon.

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