Moving Comfort Sports Bras

No more bounce!!

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Did you know that your breasts can bounce up to 14cm during exercise if they are not supported correctly!! 14cm!!!

And 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra to work out!  What the hell?  Are they totally mad?  No one wants droopy damaged boobies!  I for one certainly don’t, I am proud of my boobies and want to keep them in as tip top condition as possible.

First and foremost we need to get all women into sports bras, there are so many to choose from at all different price brackets so where do you start?  I used to be quite big chested, up to a DD, so when I started out I definitely needed more obvious support and I have always liked the feeling of being ‘strapped in’ and initially started out with Shock Absorber bras.  As I have lost weight, and am now only just managing to fill a B cup I can be more flexible and I do have some crop top style sports bras for lesser impact sports such as Crossfit and cycling, but I still prefer the superior support for running.

Rebound Racer

I tried my first Moving Comfort bra last year when I purchased the Rebound Racer whilst on holiday in America and really love style and support the bra gives me.  It is designed with seam free cups, front and back mesh zones for breathability with front adjustable velcro straps and adjustable keyhole back closure.  Moving Comfort advertise the fit as ‘runs small’ which I would agree with, I went with my normal size and the band size is quite snug so I have it on the loosest fitting which works well.  It is designed for high impact sports and I can say hand on heart that I experience absolutely no jiggle in this bra.  My boobies are compressed so well they don’t have a chance to move.  I have always suffered from chafing for any distances over about 20miles, partly because I am also then wearing a little rucksack so I always tape up with some micro pour tape underneath the straps on my shoulder blades and under the back closure just to save any issues.  RRP £35.

Rebound Racer

Rebound Racer


I purchased the FineForm bra on sale for £28.90 at Boobydoo, just because I liked the look of it!  The pink straps at the back really set off the black, but it does come in a variety of colours.  The bra itself is silky smooth and feels absolutely wonderful on and I have found it to be very flattering.  The straps at the back are adjustable with a J-hook so you can turn it from a standard bra to a raceback style in seconds.  Whilst it does not give the same support as the Rebound Racer or the Juno bra it is still supportive enough in a B cup for running.

Fine Form

Fine Form


I recently won a competition from Sweatshop and Moving Comfort and won myself a new Juno bra, which I of course ordered in power pink.  I ordered this in my normal size and initial impressions as I unpacked it were that it looked rather big.  I tried it on and it is certainly more roomy in the band size, so I would personally recommend going down one size on the chest band (mine was a 36B, but I would go for a 34B next time for an even better fit) so I am wearing this on the tightest setting.  The cups are lined which gives a great shape and means no nipples on display in the cold!  I generally tape up under my straps for long runs to prevent chafing, but have not had to do that for this bra as yet which could be down to the bonded areas.  The straps are cushioned and adjustable at the front with Velcro.  This could also be quite handy for any breast feeding mums too.  I did notice the cushioning making a difference in terms of comfort particularly over my collar bones which made it much more comfortable.  RRP £37 at Sweatshop.



A key point regarding your sports bra, whichever brand you decide to go with, is that it is recommended to replace your sports bra every 6-12 months depending on what you use it for, how often and the amount of washing.  The team at Moving Comfort advise that your sports bra should never see its 1st birthday (like I need an excuse for new kit!).  Look after your bras, try and wash them gently, hand washing is obviously ideal especially for any underwire styles, but if you are like me and in a complete rush all the time at least try and use a gently cycle in the machine and definitely steer clear of the tumble dryer, they dry in a few hours anyway even inside so there is no need for that.

Whichever sports bra you decide works for you, don’t delay, get those puppies into one quick smart and reduce the effects of bounce!

Get in quick for your ultimate sports bra at Sweatshop and save 15% using the code SBMC15 valid until end June 2015


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