New Balance Leadville 1210 – Post 250km KAEM

I reviewed these shoes a few months ago as I was preparing for my first ever multi day ultra race. 250km of sand, ravines, rocks, boulders, water and gravel later I am ready to give my final verdict.
In one sentence – I’m going to get a new pair to run Marathon Des Sables in.
Yes, they are that good. I really couldn’t fault them at all. I got the Leadville’s in half a size bigger than my normal running shoe and this proved to be spot on for me, I had no issues of tightness and my toe nails remained relatively pain free, and unlike many of the other runners in the event, I’ve kept all my nails in tact.
Not one blister either! Now this is a combination of shoes and socks but the shoes obviously play a big part. My socks by the way were Injinji toe socks (trail 2.0 mini crew) as a base layer with knee length More Mile compression socks (in hot pink) over the top. Note I only changed my toe socks once for a fresh pair during the entire week.
The Leadville’s were extremely comfortable. Well cushioned and felt very stable. The grip was superb, I’m not the most nimble nor the most comfortable in boulder hopping, but during the stages that we had to boulder hop or climb rocks I felt like spider man, with my shoes literally sticking to the boulders with no slippage making me feel very secure in bounding over them.
The shoes copped an absolute hiding, in that there is no doubt, they held up very well. They are pretty screwed now, but considering I had a few runs in them before the race and the conditions they went through, I’m very pleased. I’ll still take them out for a few wet, snowy runs over winter to really finish them off.  took me through a river crossing twice, endless sandy river beds, up steep & rocky ravines, over gravel roads, over sharp rocks and short, stubby bushes and many a boulder was hopped! They are truly designed for trail, and I love them.
Am I converted? Absolutely! Would I recommend them? 100% no doubt!

Having a dance in my New Balance Leadville's as I empty some sand out
Having a dance in my New Balance Leadville’s as I empty some sand out

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