North Face Flight Series

North Face Flight Series
North Face Flight Series


Women’s Better Than Naked Capri

The North Face Women’s Better Than Naked Capri is a lightweight ¾ tight for trail running in windy, chilly weather.  It comes in black only (hopefully they will make this in some other colours moving forward as well) and is a very comfortable fit.

The longest distance I have worn this on to date is for a marathon and I found it to work well for me.  No chafing or cutting in, it has sew-free critical seams which are designed to minimise the rubbing.  There is a good little storage pocket on the rear accessed with a zip, it is just large enough to hold an I phone and your keys, you might squeeze a gel in there as well.  It has reflective logos and has a nice thick waist band which is very comfortable around the mid section.  I sweat a lot, but I found that the tights never felt wet, they are very good at wicking away the sweat and drying themselves off very quickly.

The capri retails at £65 which is a little on the high side for most as an initial outlay, but the product is great quality and will go the distance, so you won’t be needing to replace this too soon.

Women’s GTD Short Sleeve Shirt

Firstly I love the colour!  Jaiden green is the one I went for and I have had loads of compliments on the colour.  But great colours are not what really matters, but let’s face it, we all like to look good!  It is a very lightweight tee, designed for comfort in a range of conditions.  It is super lightweight, when you pick it up you can hardly feel it, so it feels like a second skin when you wear it. (weight 115g).  North Face claim it features FlashDry technology which improves drying time by working with the body to accelerate the removal of excess moisture from the skin and with the body mapped ventilation keeping you cool.  Technical jargon aside, I found that the top does dry very quickly.  I have had it saturated through both sweat and/or rain showers and it is dry in what feels like a matter of minutes.

The only con I can find on this shirt is that after you have washed it, it is always very creased.  I don’t need to look perfect on a run, but the creasing is a bit heavy, so I have taken to giving it a quick iron, sad I know, but it looks better without the creases.

The shirt retails at £30 which given the technical aspects of it, I think is good value for money.  It also comes in Vitamin C Orange or Sugary Pink.

GTD Shirt
GTD Shirt

GTD Visor

Sticking with the lightweight theme, you won’t even notice this visor on.  It is so comfortable, wicks away the moisture on these warm summer days when you are sweating a bit more, and doubles up as a great rain shield which I have used it for on more than one occasion in the Scottish ‘summer’.

It is simple in design and comes in either black or white (again more colour choices would be great), it has an adjustable back so can fit any size head, and you can alter it when you change your hairstyle from a braid to a ponytail!

The visor retails at £18 which is a very reasonable price.

GTD Visor
GTD Visor

Flrace Pack

A vest pack designed for ultra runners, weighing in at 325g with an 8L capacity.  When I first looked at it I thought the front flaps of the vest might have been an annoyance, but it fits like a vest top and is very comfortable.  It looks good as well, I’ve had people stop me out running to find out what it is!  It sits nice and high on your back and doesn’t bounce around.  The adjustable straps mean you can play around with how it sits on you until it is perfect.  Being 8L size, it is a bit bigger than my Ultimate Directions Ultra Vesta pack but sometimes you need a slightly bigger pack, whether that be for race mandatory kit, or the fact that the weather is so changeable that you need a bit more kit/food with you.

It has loads of little pockets, perfect for stashing away the bits & pieces you need out on the long run, without mixing them altogether so you can keep a semblance of organisation which is always helpful when your mind starts to wander and you lose concentration abilities.  On the rear it has a top pocket and a large stash pocket, along with 2 smaller zipper pockets (perfect for your keys, cash and spare batteries).  The large main compartment has two internal pockets and the hydration sleeve.  It has a trekking pole attachment if you use poles, and comes with a small whistle attached, a must for a lot of races mandatory kit requirements.  It has 4 front pockets and two shoulder bottle pockets.

The cons of the bag being only that it doesn’t come with the bladder pack or the shoulder bottle pockets and I am yet to figure out where to get these from.   I have been using my Ultimate Direction 10oz bottles in the front, and am yet to try out my existing bladder for the hydration part.

The vest pack retails at £85 and comes in black.  This price is competitive with the other ultra packs out there for sure, if anything at the lower end of the price scale, so for value for money it certainly delivers what it promises.  I will be getting a lot of wear out of mine.

Flrace pack 2 Flrace pack 3 Flrace pack

North Face Flight Series
North Face Flight Series

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