The North Face Better than Naked Shorts

I’ve never been one to wear overly short shorts for running as I have always found issues with inner thigh chafing as I do have curves, however this does seem to be abating the fitter and stronger I get and my curves are turning into more muscle. I’m still a while off running an ultra distance in short shorts but up to 20 miles is now doable.  I took the summer as my opportunity to test out these little beauties from The North Face which I received as part of my kit for Race to the Stones 100km non-stop race I did as part of the @RTTS100 team of Ultrababes back in July this year.

Love the colour! The gorgeous green with the fluorescent orange works really well together and the cut and style is very flattering on the legs.  Super lightweight shorts with a pant gusset to keep your modesty intact when bending over, stretching or climbing up things.  They are made from a quick drying material which literally can dry out in seconds which proves very useful when running in Edinburgh where we get 4 seasons in one day, and also in hot climates.  I was recently lucky enough to spend a week in Rome for work and wore these shorts in 30 odd degree temperatures where I was sweating profusely yet the shorts stayed dry.

Better than Naked Shorts in Jaiden Green Heather/Vitamin C Orange
Better than Naked Shorts in Jaiden Green Heather/Vitamin C Orange

They have a handy little zip pocket on the rear which fits your keys and/gel but unfortunately not big enough for a phone, I do find it handy to take a phone out on longer runs, or short ones as you know I’m partial to the odd runfie!

Shorts in action
Shorts in action

Are they ‘better than naked’? Absolutely, you won’t catch me running naked anytime soon but these shorts certainly feel like the next closest option.  I did on occasion have to look down to check they were on as they are just so light you can’t feel them!

Great bit if kit if you are looking for style and comfort rolled into one, perfect for squeezing into travel luggage, so no excuses that you didn’t have room to bring your kit with you 😉.

Retailing at £40 it is a bit in the pricey side for some, but the quality is outstanding and you get what you pay for.  Oh, and Rory Bosio wears them, enough said, get yourself a pair!

Lots of shorts in action!
Lots of shorts in action (@RTTS100) #ultrababes

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