Foggy Fitness – Day 9 Janathon

ACTIONI had intended to run to work today, but I thought I would take a gamble and see what time I woke up….mmm 10 to 8, too late! Having left my bike at work, I had to steal hubby’s crappy old bike and head out through the freezing fog that had settled this morning. Not a bad ride considering I was on a blokes bike! 7 miles was enough though as my hands were starting to get cold as of course I had left my bike gloves on the bike at work!
Proudly sporting my Tough Mudder shirt, I valiantly set off for the 7 mile run home, very nipp’l’y out there tonight! The run was good, 8 min miles so pleased with that!

Plodding along – Day 8 Janathon

So I forgot to mention that I did cycle home last night at near midnight, so did squeeze in another 7 miles on the bike yesterday.  Busy bee this morning so didn’t have time to make it to my planned Bioticfit class, but did clean the house, so that certainly burnt some cals.

Anyhow another late start so cycled the 7 miles to work & a 7 mile plodding run back home.  Nothing too exciting but what is done is done!