Lululemon sweaty or not runsie

Go from BBQ to run without missing a beat!

When I first saw the Lululemon Runsie on twitter with Susie Chan sporting the look I was pessimistic, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it right?  I happened to be buying up in Lululemon and got chatting to the lovely ladies in the Edinburgh store about the Runsie and they kindly gave me one to try out as part of the R&D team, as long as I gave some feedback, so here it is.

Comfort – It is super comfy, it actually feels like you are running naked!  It is definitely for the warm weather we are renowned for in Scotland 😉  Easy to slip on, the swift ultra light is an lightweight fabric and feels very airy, underneath the full split skirt there is a fabric short liner.  No need for knickers here with the short liner doing the job, so all you need to do is throw on a supportive bra, slip on your runsie and you are away.

Runsie in action
Runsie in action

Look – I think it actually looks pretty stylish, especially with the cool rear open back design.  I have certainly got a few looks as I’ve been running around the streets of Edinburgh in it.

Rear design - photo from Lululemon
Rear design – photo from Lululemon

Practicalities – The undershorts have got low-bounce pockets on the side of the thigh perfect for keys and stashing your cash, my phone felt a bit heavy in there but for a short run it worked well and didn’t bounce around.  The split skirt has loose pockets as well but I wouldn’t trust them if you are running at full pace!

Cons– It might just be the colour I chose but the sweat showed up all too easily which can be a tad embarrassing but perhaps in the ‘sunset strip’ or the black it wouldn’t show up so much.  I would wear this for short runs (up to an hour or 2) but for anything longer where you need to be going to the toilet I would probably not as you obviously need to pull the whole outfit down and when racing every second counts!

Sweaty runsie - interesting pattern created!
Sweaty runsie – interesting pattern created!

Pros – Love the style and the feeling of complete freedom.  It’s a great summer wardrobe addition where you could be at a BBQ one minute and then on your run home the next, perfect for summer holiday attire too when you are active but you still want to look stylish enough to stop off for a light lunch or a few cocktails on the beach.

Now is the perfect time to buy your own runsie, normally priced at £88, they are currently on sale for £64, coming in sizes 8-14 in 3 different colours.

Check out Rhianon trying out the runsie look
Check out Rhianon trying out the runsie look

Rhianon West had a test run over a 6 mile run through Edinburgh and had this to say:

The fabric was so soft and light.  Loved the open back, really nice and cool but didn’t feel exposed or anything.  Super comfy, which I was surprised about.  I thought it would fee strange but was very comfy.  Great skirt length too, good coverage without being too long.  Comfy shorts and liked the little pockets.  Would happily wear this every day on holiday for all sporty activities and in hot UK weather.  Also would happily for post-run coffee/lunch in this.  Not suitable for longer runs wearing your pack, imagine the chafe on your back!  Improvements I would suggest would be grippers on the inside short seams and a zippy pocket somewhere would be really handy.  Perhaps to also make this in ‘tall’ sizing would be good, I was ok because I have quite a short trunk but for taller runners in might not fit right.