I am an ultra marathon runner with a wealth of experience under my belt and I want to help you!  See race results and about me for more information on my experiences.  I am extremely passionate about running, and in particular pushing your own boundaries and experiencing life through exciting challenges.

I’m based in Edinburgh and specialise in coaching for marathons and ultra marathon distances, in particular for women.

How it works

After an initial consultation ideally in person; or over the phone & email; I will work out a personal training plan for you based on your goals whether that be running your first marathon, a PB in a certain race, stepping up to ultra distances, taking on a multi day event for the first time or quite simply you just need some motivation and inspiration to help you along.  Taking into account your current fitness level, your time constraints, locality, travel availability and what makes you tick a 12 week plan following a macrocycle will be developed.  We will also discuss nutrition and kit depending on the type of event you are working towards.  My nutrition tips are based on my principals of healthy eating for a strong body in a balanced and varied way, not following a strict diet as I know from my experiences that this does not work for most people.  My tips are just that, tips, giving you some more ideas of what might work for you as well.

I can also offer a weekend of running in Edinburgh which is an ideal opportunity for us to get together and work on your plan face to face, as well as enjoying some beautiful running routes around one of the most historical and iconic cities in the UK.  Choose from running through mountains & trails, city streets or sand and sand dunes along the coastal routes.

Together we will monitor your progress each week with regular voice and email contact, making adjustments as time goes on as we all know that nothing is set in stone!


12 week training plan with telephone and email support – £129

Running weekend in Edinburgh & development of 12 week training plan with telephone and email support – £199 (includes 2-3 runs of various length depending on your personal goals & fitness levels)  This weekend is an ideal opportunity to chat and run.  Try out some of my tried and tested kit before you head out to purchase your own, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Drop me an email at runningdutchie@hotmail.com and let’s get started today!