I, Lucja Leonard, am an ultra marathon runner with a wealth of experience under my belt and I want to help you!  See race results and about me for more information on my experiences.  I am extremely passionate about fitness, running, health & wellness; and in particular pushing your own boundaries and experiencing life through exciting challenges.

I am global & mobile and offer online coaching as a coach for Girls Run the World (GRTW) with personal training plans for improving strength & fitness to running any distances whether it’s your first 50k, 100k, multi-stage or you’re aiming for 100-200+miles!

How it works for RUNNING COACHING (see below for Health & Wellness Coaching)


1:1 coaching

4 month training plan with telephone and email support – From £400/$485USD (Monthly, 6 monthly and yearly plan packages available)

  • Detailed Initial Consultation – Fill out our GRTW questionnaire to help us get an insight into your goals, training experience and life juggle! We will then invite you to make an online Zoom call with your coach of choice. There will be a charge of £50/$59 for the call which will be subtracted off your first coaching package with us when you commit.
  • Customized Individual Training Plan delivered via Training Peaks in 2-3 week blocks
  • Weekly contact to discuss your training & stay accountable
  • Customization of training log based on feedback
  • Goal setting and prioritization of races with detailed race prep
  • Discussion of general nutrition and fueling for endurance performance
  • Additional meetings as needed

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  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage
  • Introductory course – Functional Anatomy & Sports Biomechanics
  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Take charge of your health!

My 6 month coaching program supports you in all areas of your health & well being.

I will guide you and help you set targets, stay on target, stay clear, and stay in aligned action. Show up strong, confident, and engaged with life in new, magnetic ways. Reach your goals, enrich your life, and stick your landing. Again and again, with more ease.  Whether its social, emotional, physical, environmental, occupational or intellectual areas of your life that you need some support and guidance I am here for you.

It all begins with a 1:1 no commitment half hour consultation to make sure we are a good fit together and from as little as £100/$140USD a month we can get started on a program designed just for you.

Drop me an email at or message me at +1 337 212 1485 and let’s get started today.

5 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Lucja – great website and good luck with the new venture. With all of your experience we can a lot from your coaching. See you at Pilgrims and talk about your coaching programmes. Howard

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