A shared adventure is a better adventure!

January 2022, 5 eager beavers pressed the registration button for Javelina Jundred, myself included and embarked upon a journey. A journey of ups and downs, sideway moves and even a few backflips!

Javelina Jundred is the original costumed trail party! Every Jalloween Weekend the race is held on a +/- 20mile looped course comprised mostly on the Pemberton Trail in McDowell Mountain Regional Park just outside of Phoenix, AZ. With race distances of 30k, 100k and 100 mile there is something for everyone. And yes everything starts with a J, pronounced as a H!

The privilege. Taking four runners on their journey to their ‘first’ longest distances. Filippo, an Italian based in Switzerland and Grace, Irish based in Dubai both running their furthest distance of 100km, and their first race in the USA. Michaela, a Scottish lass and Jennifer, local to the Phoenix area both running their first 100 mile distance with Michaela her first USA race as well. And me, running what would be my 4th 100 mile race, my first Javelina.

To read the full story visit Run-Ultra



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