Sponsorship & Support

Thanks to my sponsors:

Premax is an Australian company that manufactures massage creams, sports sunscreen, anti-friction cream and massage lotion. The Premax massage range consists of high quality massage creams and lotions formulated to enhance manual therapy. All massage products contain quality ingredients, are long lasting, wipe off easily, and soothe and moisturise the skin.  Visit their site here.  Use code ‘Leonard20’ to get a 20% discount.

A visor-hat hybrid, designed especially for women. Perfect for runners and outdoor sport. Handmade in Reno, Nevada.  We’re just a small team of women sewing gear for our running pals. Designed for us. Made with care. Visit their site here.  Use code ‘Lucja15’ for 15% discount.
The pickle juice company pickle juice sport beverage is designed to prevent and relieve muscle cramps with our specially made product utilizing the power of pickle brine.  Visit their site here.  Use code ‘teampj’ for 15% off.

Support your body’s natural balance with the highest quality edible imaginable. You can’t get these anywhere else!  Visit their site here.  Use code ‘JET10’ to get a 10% discount.

Distributors of Ultimate Direction, Injinji, Kahtoola and IceBug.  Visit their site here.