Sponsorship & Support

Thanks to my sponsors:

A visor-hat hybrid, designed especially for women. Perfect for runners and outdoor sport. Handmade in Reno, Nevada.  We’re just a small team of women sewing gear for our running pals. Designed for us. Made with care. Visit their site here.  Use code ‘Dutchie10’ for 10% discount.
The pickle juice company pickle juice sport beverage is designed to prevent and relieve muscle cramps with our specially made product utilizing the power of pickle brine.  Visit their site here.  Use code ‘teamgreen’ for 20% off.

No more blisters! XOSkin toe socks with their RAPIDriCOPPER™ technology reduces body heat by decreasing the skin to fabric friction while at the same time moving moisture faster over the PTFE fiber matrix causing the fabric and skin to stay dryer and cooler. The ionic copper fiber matrix reduces odor causing bacteria while helping to promote skin wellness and a healthier environment for the skin. Visit their site here. Use code ‘XORD’ for 10% discount.