Race Results & Calendar


Sep 19 – Georgia Jewel Ultra – 37 miles


Sep 29 – Trail Auguilles Rouges  – 54km, 4,000m ascent

August – UTMB – 106 miles 10,000m ascent 42h 43min (975th out of 1,556 finishers, 74th female out of 144 finishers) 987 DNF

July 13-14 Gran Trail Courmayeur 105km, 6,600m ascent 25h 37min (78th out of 210 finishers, 12th female out of 25 finishers) 102 DNF

June 29 – Duo Etoile Marathon Mont Blanc – 20km, 1,430m ascent (Running as a pair with Jana Studzinska)

May 26th – Maxi Race 40km, 2,500m ascent 7h 24min (892 out of 1929 finishers, 86th female out of 371 finishers)

May 11th – Conquer the Wall Marathon, China, 26.2 miles 2nd female, 11th overall

Mar 21-25 Morocco Tizi n Trail (I am also the UK rep for this race so please email me at runningdutchie@hotmail.com for further details) 3rd female, 9th overall


November 29th – Oman by UTMB 136km, 7,800m ascent 40h 1 min (78th out of 142 finishers, 5th female out of 9 finishers) 172 DNF

October 20th – UTLO 34km, 2,800m ascent 5h 40mins (224th out of 519 finishers, 33rd female out of 119 finishers)

September 23rd-30th – Half Marathon Des Sables, Fuerteventura 125km self sufficient stage race, 4 days 16h40m (47th out of 247 finishers, 4th female out of 69 finishers) 41 DNF

August 18th & 19th – Leadville 100  100 miles, 4,800m ascent 29h 7min (247th out of 379 finishers, 36th female out of 59 finishers) 371 DNF (52% finishing rate)

July 1st – Mont Blanc Marathon – 42km, 2,407m ascent 8h 14min (1,097 out of 1,901 finishers, 157th female out of 363 finishers)

May 26th – Maxi Race – 83km, 5,142m ascent 19h 55mins (965th out of 1,052 finishers, 79th female  out of 88 females)

March 22-26 – Morocco Tizi n Trail (I am also the UK rep for this race so please email me at runningdutchie@hotmail.com for further details)

March 10th – D33 – 33 miles, Aberdeen 5h 18min (99th out of 220 finishers, 22nd female out of 59 females)

February 24th – Transgrancanaria – 125km, 7,500m ascent 26h 37min (534th overall, 679 finishers)


October 15th – 21st – Burgos Ultra Stage Race 254km stage race over 5 days (12th overall, 4th female)

September 25th-29th – Half Marathon Des Sables Fuerteventura 125km self sufficient stage race, 4 days (74th overall, 7th female)

July 8th – Great Glen Ultra 72 miles, 3,200m ascent 15h 51min (34th overall out of 63 finishers, 7th female our of 14 females) 13 DNF’s

April 29th – Highland Fling Race 53 mile ultra 11hr (222nd overall out of 679 finishers, 37th female out of 189 females)

March 24th – 28th – Morocco Tizi n Trail  (44th overall out of 96 finishers, 20th female out of 62 females)

February 25th – Endurance Life CTS Marathon 4h 6m (50th overall out of 175 finishers, 12th female out of 66 females)


December 10th – The North Face Hong Kong 100 (50km)

November 26th – Bodrun 50km (2nd Female out of 17, 18th overall out of 60)

September 24th – Changan Ford Gobi 100km 13h 42min (15th female out of 29 females – 14 DNF’s)

September 16th – Glencoe Skyline Verticle Kilometre 1h 19min (17th female out of 40 females, 133rd overall out of 160 finishers) 1 DNF

July 27th – 31st – #500kin5days Run the length of The Netherlands (personal challenge)

July 2nd – Ultimate Trails 110km  18h 25min (78th overall out of 211 finishers, 7th female)

April 8th-18th – Marathon Des Sables 250km self sufficient race over 6 stages (147th overall out of 973 finisher, 13th female out of 160 finishers) 135 DNF’s

Feb 27th – Endurance Life CTS Ultra Northumberland 35 miles 5h 46min (2nd female out of 20 female finishers, 12th overall out of 76 finishers)

Jan – Inaugural Mongolia Ice Marathon Adventure 26.2 miles 4h 19min (1st female, 4th overall)


Dec 5th – Endurance Life CTS Ultra Dorset 33 miles 7h 14min (46th overall out of 106 finishers, 5th female out of 19 female finishers) 28 DNF’s

Oct 24th – Cappadocia Ultra Trail 110km, 3,350m ascent 17h 27min (44th overall out of 122 finishers, 4th female out of 15 female finishers)

Oct 4th – Kielder Marathon 26.2 miles (training run at end of a block week) 4h

Sept 27th – Loch Ness Marathon 26.2 miles (training run at end of a block week) 3h 45min

July 26th – Fort William Marathon 26.2 miles (running for fun!) 4h 01min (95th overall out of 292 finishers, 14th female out of 105 females)

July 19th – Run the Blades 50k 50km, 4h 55m (9th overall out of 43 finishers, 1st female out of 13 females)

June 27th – Ultimate Trails Challenge 110km, 4,540m ascent, 17h 48m (75th overall out of 194 finishers and 388 starters, 10th female out of 42 females) 194 DNF’s

May 31st – Edinburgh Marathon  26.2 miles, 3h 32m (1,062 overall out of 7,185 finishers)

May 9th – Transvulcania 77.3km, 8,525m ascent, 14h 54m (742nd overall out of 1488 finishers and 1890 starters, 61st female out of 136 females)        402 DNF’s

Mar 6/7/8 – Transgrancanaria 125km, 8,500m ascent, 29h 35m (329th overall out of 349 finishers and 608 starters, 17th female in F30 category)       262 DNF’s

Jan 31/Feb1 – The Pilgrim Challenge  66miles over 2 days 12h 25m (45th overall out of 166 finishers, 11th female out of 54 females)


Nov 1st – 8th – Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 236km self sufficient race over 6 stages (8th overall out of 65 finishers, 2nd female out of 16 females)

Sept 27th – Clyde Stride 40 miles – 6h 19m (19th overall out of 90 finishers, 3rd female)

Sept 13th – Pierloop 15km – 1:14:12 (122nd overall our of 387 finishers)

August 16/17 – Berghaus Trail Chase 55km (Black course) – 6h 33m 19s (15th overall out of 33 finishers, 6th female)

July 19th – Race to the Stones 100km – 12h 17m 54sec (61st overall out of 593 finishers, 6th female)

June 19/20 – Mohican 100 miles – DNF pulled out after 2 laps (53 miles) due to de hydration and foot issues.

May 25 – Edinburgh Marathon (pacing a friend) 4:47:40 (6,537th out of 8,624 overall)

April – Marathon Des Sables 250km self sufficient race over 6 stages 43:01:03 – (26th female out of 128 female finishers, 377th overall – 917 finishers, 112 non-finishers)

March 1 – Coastal Trail Series Ultra Marathon, Endurance Life (Northumberland) 35.7 miles – (DNF, pulled out at 27 miles due to tiredness)

Feb 1 & 2 – Pilgrims Ultra 66 miles over 2 days 14:16:22 (18th female, 82nd overall -131 finishers)


October 19 – Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 250km self sufficient race – 33hr 39min (2nd female, 14th overall-59 finishers)

June 1 – Wincle Trout Run 9km fell race – 53:31 (21st Female, 160th Overall-304 finishers)

April 28 – Manchester Marathon – 3:33:19 (98th Female, 1094th Overall-5015 finishers)

May 4 – Coastal Trail Series Ultra Marathon (Ravenscar/Whitby) 33 miles – 7:01:07 (4th female, 22nd overall-31 finishers)


March 25 – Wilmslow Half Marathon 1:42:34 (116th Female, 932nd Overall-4064 finishers)

April 22 – London Marathon 3:52:06 (1,731st Female, 8,837th Overall-36,747 finishers)

September – Bristol Half Marathon 1:42:21 (2001st overall)

November 4 – Nice to Cannes Riviera Marathon 3:45:49 (90th Female, 2367th Overall-6687 finishers)


April 17 – London Marathon 4:23:46 (3408th Female, 14,737th Overall-34,805 finishers)

November 19 – Philadelphia Marathon 3:54:11 (904th Female, 3381st Overall-10,312 finishers)


October 17 – Amsterdam Marathon 3:58:09 (4,428th Overall-7,880 finishers)

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