Moab 240 – The Power of People

“We can endure much more than we think we can.”  

Some say 200 is the new 100, maybe it’s 240!  The Moab 240 mile footrace is a non-stop race through some of Utah’s most stunning and challenging terrain; traversing canyons, two mountain ranges and stunning red rock mesas with temperature fluctuations between 80f (26C) during some days  with rain or sunshine to below freezing at night and snow storms wreaking havoc on the back of the pack during the final 24 hours of the race.

Before the race

I had the unwavering support of a full crew and pacing team for Moab consisting of husband Dion and friends Rob Steger, Amanda Asher, Kate Norton and Emily Lasater to whom I am forever grateful to for making Moab FUN & AWESOME!  Each person had their own challenges in getting to Moab but the most eventful challenge was Kate & Emily having to catch an Uber from Salt Lake City to Moab ($240!!!) due to flight delays and missing their only flight to Moab.  Seriously where do I find friends like this?  Truly amazing.

………Read the full article over at Run Ultra.

Moab 240; you proved to me that I can endure so much more than I think.  We all can.  Dream big & dare to fail, you are either living a life of fear or life of dreams.  Which are you doing?

The Finish!

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