Michaela Johnson

I met Lucja in 2016, when she trained me in preparation for my very first trail marathon. I’d always been really active doing athletics, hockey and netball but after starting shift work struggled to find any routine and gave it all up.  I continued to run and went to the gym but followed no plan.

I entered the Glencoe Marathon in 2016 which was so different to anything I’d done and had a kit list of things I’d never considered carrying before.  Then I met Lucja in Edinburgh and she made me a training plan, working around my crazy work hours and other plans, which I stuck to religiously.  She reintroduced me to hill repeats, tempo runs and strength & conditioning sessions….all things I’d avoided for a long time.  She gave me invaluable advice throughout training, advising on not only my running but the kit and nutrition I’d need.

I loved the plan so much I’ve asked Lucja to train me for many events since.  Whilst initially meeting Lucja as a coach I’ve made a great friend who has encouraged me to enter races I’d never have previously thought I was capable of.  Hearing Lucja talk about all the amazing races she has run has inspired me to enter some races I’d never previously dreamt of, with Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon being the first to spring to mind.  I don’t think I’d ever have attempted it if I hadn’t been encourage by Lucja and Dion or have thought I could complete it without her support and advice.

Lucja goes above and beyond to help, from finding events for me to enter prior to my main races, or even lending me kit when I don’t have what I need.  Although now living on different continents she’s always at the other end of the phone and checks in regularly.

I’d advise anyone looking for a coach to get in touch with Lucja.  Her enthusiasm and love for running makes her the perfect coach and she truly caters your plans to you and your lifestyle.