E GloveAfter continuously struggling with cold hands for too long, I was on the hunt for some new gloves.  I came across eGlove through my twitter friends on #ukrunchat and thought I had better give them a go.

Firstly they are pink! That works for me!  They also come in completely black or black/green for those that don’t want the flash of colour like I do.

They are lightweight and made from breathable lycra.  I went for the small size, they come in XS, S, M & L.  My hands are fairly large, I am nearly 6 foot so not the tiniest of people and the small fits me well.  Because the material is stretchy they are also quick to get off when you need to.  The eGlove website describes the technical aspects as follows:

  • Conductive fingertip technology on both thumbs and forefingers for use with GPS and Smartphone applications
  • Individually sized to maximise accuracy of touch screen devices
  • Robust double stitching to create maximum strength in the fabric
  • Silicon deigned palm and finger detail to reduce losing grip on the device
  • Terry towelling fabric strip on reverse of palm and thumb to remove moisture
  • Double turned wrist fabric to create additional warmth
  • Machine wash 40o – tumble dry on low heat or allow to dry naturally!

I have worn them a few times now on different mileage runs, they performed on their own very well for up to 10 miles in zero degrees (Running tip: I have also learnt to run with your hand as a fist but tucking your thumb under your fingers, it works like an inbuilt heater).  I recently ran the Pilgrims Ultra, which is 33 miles each day for 2 days, and wore the eGlove, however they just weren’t warm enough for me, even when double gloved.  Please note that I must have poor circulation in my hands which is why I felt I needed to take extra measures.  These gloves suit me perfectly for Autumn and Spring, but I still need more for winter!

The conductive fingertip is brilliant for me as I regularly pull my phone out en-route to snap some photos for my blog (or take a rest!) or send a tweet along the way, so to be able to do this without having to take my gloves off is a real bonus.  The silicon detail means that I don’t also drop my phone whilst doing this, another bonus.  Even though they have been covered in mud and washed a few times already they are still bright pink, so holding up well.

At £23.99/24.99 (depending on colour) they are in the mid-range price bracket and certainly do what they say on the tin.  I will be wearing mine with pride, so look out for me on your runs as I run around as a vision of pink!

eGlove in action on Pilgrims Ultra
eGlove in action on Pilgrims Ultra