Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt

I’ve fallen in love!  With a skirt!  And now I don’t want summer to be over as I am loving running in this gorgeous skirt from Lululemon.

I bought this in emergency whilst on holiday in Philadelphia as I’d split my running shorts, poor timing, or pure coincidence…….And stumbled into my first ever Lululemon shop.  Firstly I loved the feel of the shop, the girls were super friendly, not pushy, and as soon as I had picked something up they swiftly got it into a change room with my name on the door so my arms were free for more browsing.  But shopping experience aside…..the skirt….. As soon as I put it on I was in love.

Rocking the skirt
Rocking the skirt

It fitted like a glove, just the right length on my long legs (not too short) and the wide fabric waistband was so comfortable on my waist I didn’t even know it was there.  Apart from looking absolutely sensational, and making me feel like a girly superwoman ultra runner, it  has some great technical aspects too.  I love having a bum pocket, just a small one, enough to fit in your keys, which this does, a nice little zipped version.  In an ideal world it could be just ever so larger so I could fit in my phone.  It has built in shorts that have grip on the hem to keep them in place (no riding up here) no matter how high you jump or how far you stride to jump over those pesky puddles!  Because the shorts stay in place I don’t end up with inner thigh chafing, which unfortunately for me is sometimes an issue with shorter shorts as I have got curves and/or muscles to take into account, but I’ve worn these on a 20 mile run and had no problems to date.  The fabric feels lovely and soft, it is lightweight, moisture wicking and dries very quickly.

For running or just playing around
For running or just playing around

I get loads of compliments when I am wearing it, especially on the pleats at the back, they bounce around as you run!  The US seems to have a wider variety of colour choices as I can’t find my colour on the online store, but there are plenty of great colours to choose from.  Retails at £52 which for me is a bit on the high side, but the quality of the product shines through and I think it will last a very long time.  I’ve been trying to wear it to death over summer (so I have an excuse to buy another) but it still looks as good as new and I’ve worn it though head high ferns, slid down grassy muddy slopes on my bum and through loads of spiky overgrown bushes but it holds steady.

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m a running skirt convert!  Give it a try yourself and see what you think.

Love the pleats
Love the pleats

4 thoughts on “Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt

  1. I have it in black and LOVE it. Lululemon has great quality clothes and they also often add something special and little details to make it more femine. LOVE the brand!

  2. I think we have similar taste in run kit – I have this skirt in turquoise and love it. Also the UD Vesta and TNF better than naked shorts and love them all too 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you at TGC in March!

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