Lululemon Run Crop Tights – Top Speed Crop

From the moment I saw these on the shelf I knew I was going to love them!

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

I had been looking for some new Capris and the designs that these come in had me at ‘Hello’.  As soon as I tried them on I felt amazing, they fitted like a glove and I swear they made me look fitter and stronger, nothing like a good outfit to bring out the best in you.  Lululemon describe the Top Speed Crop as being made with a curved hem so you can lunge, run and stretch with ease, made out of Luxtreme fabric which is sweat wicking and has a four way stretch with multiple pockets and added lycra fibre to ensure great shape retention.

The length of capris are great if you have thighs!  Whilst I love short shorts and skorts, running a long distance in them can sometimes lead to the dreaded thigh chafe….but not with capris, guarantee of staying chafe free!

I’ve had them for a couple of weeks now and they have been through a few washes already and still feel silky smooth.  They’ve taken me on training runs, I won my first race at Run the Blades 50k and got me through Fort William Marathon and even to a cross fit class (full of pistol squats, hand stand press ups and all sorts of manoeuvres) and have felt fantastic through them all.  They stretch where they need to and you never feel like you will end up exposed.

Number 1 with my number 1 crops

Number 1 with my number 1 crops

As per usual with Lululemon the quality feels superb, the waist band is flat and wide so it doesn’t cut into your waist and feels comfortable, it has a looped drawstring to tighten the waist if you want but I tend to run with it as is.  It has two little cut out front pockets on the waist band which I use to put 2 gels in each side for the marathon, and a side zipped pocket on the left leg which I normally use to put my house key in as its a great secure spot.

Top Speed Crop in action

Top Speed Crop in action

Choose from 17 different patterns at Lululemon in sizes 6-16 RRP £88 either online or in store.  If the bank manager (aka husband Dion) would allow I’d buy one for each day of the week!

They even work well upside down!

They even work well upside down!



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