Lululemon Run: Speed short

I had only popped into the Edinburgh Lululemon showroom to say hi, but these shorts caught my eye.  The pattern is fantastic and having had nothing but positive experiences with their products I thought they were definitely worth trying on.  We all know what happens once you try them on though!

Sold!  Very comfortable on and very flattering considering they are quite short.  Your modesty is kept intact though with the built in liner, and the leg cuffs are loose and cut very nicely.  A nice wide waistband which is common in the Lululemon range so it smooths out any bumps in the mid section and allows your tops to sit nicely on top without any unsightly bulges underneath, or wear with a crop top without the waist band cutting in to make you look svelte and streamlined.

Shorts in action
Shorts in action

The shorts are cut fantastically and made with runners in mind with a handy little zip pocket at the back for the emergency stash of keys/money/camera/snack (delete as appropriate) and two little waistband pouches perfect for a couple of gels.  The waistband has a continuous drawstring so you can’t loose it but I find I don’t use it at all.

You can swim in them too!
You can swim in them too!

RRP £42 with 18 colour choices!!!!  I went for the ‘seaside silver fox alberta lake/naval blue’ but I could quite happily have a different style for each day of the week, but then when would I wear my Lululemon pacesetter skirt?

Lululemon short (from official website)
Lululemon short (from official website)


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