Janathon has begun!

I have Janathon to thank for getting me out today! Day 1 complete with a steady 4 mile run, was a full on day with the day still in Holland with family being cooked a full breakfast to mop up the hangover, to Oliebollen (a type of seriously bad for you donut) with coffee, to a smoked Hema wurst for lunch. finally arriving back in Manchester late this afternoon, I unpacked, threw on my gear and headed out. Jumped on the scales to find I have put on half a stone over Xmas… Not so good, but will add fuel to my motivation to crack on!

One thought on “Janathon has begun!

  1. Well done on your first day, 4 miles is a great start and you’ll lose that half a stone in no time.
    You have me wanting some Oliebollen too now, I keep meaning to make those and Appelflappen each New Years… such deliciously naughty food!

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