It’s the end, but it doesn’t have to be Day 31 Janathon

I can’t believe I have made it through the full month without a day off exercise, looking forward to getting a rest day in, but it won’t actually be until some time next week!

I enjoyed my run in the morning, a nice 7 miles to work in Brooks Pure Grit shoes that I am trialing out.  Because my trek is on the footpath I jumped into Phillips park to test out the grit side of things and treated myself to 5 hill reps. They worked really well.  They are comfy and look good too!

After a massive service on my bike today, it was a great feeling to ride home 7 miles with tyres that have tread and brakes that work!  I felt my tyre after we changed it, and it was as smooth as a babies bum, and the brake pads, well……the pad part was non-existent!

Was supposed to make it to Circuits tonight but alas I got held up at work so that was a no go, glad I couldn’t though as I think I have pulled my pack slightly moving a TV at work, the wrong way, bending at the back not at the knees!  Lesson learnt the hard way!


Long run & then some Day 29 Janathon

Up and at ’em this morning, a hearty bowl of porridge to fuel the tank and it was time to get out for my long run of the week, 16 miles. How lovely it was to be out in some milder temps for a change! Wasn’t sure what route to take but thought it best to avoid the river as that would have been a slosh pieffort sure after all this snow and rain! Out & back from Didsbury through Northenden, Sale & Altrincham. 8.5 min/mile….not bad!

Home, quick shower, leftover tacos and muster up energy to ride 7miles to work, whew, hard work. Grabbed some dark choc covered coffee beans & a double shot Americano and it was all cylinders firing again!

The 7 mile return cycle in the headwind at 11pm didn’t really excite me, but done nonetheless!


Runfit sprints Day 28 Janathon

My goal for today was to make it to Bioticfit Runfit in the evening, so not to overdo it during the day, I cycled to and from work, so 17 miles altogether and made it to the class.

I need to make sure I get to the Runfit class once a week as I am useless at sprints, I can run for hours, but don’t ask me to sprint! A good session in the dark, it was so dark last night with PT Kev, who pushed us hard!

Muscle mania Day 26 Janathon

Woke up to a blanket of snow that had turned into ice, our planned ride was cancelled as conditions were labelled atrocious and the fact that the park run had been cancelled, I thought an indoors session would be perfect.  I did a full hour of weights and glute work, so much my legs had the shakes at the end. Whew! Tough one!

Now time to settle in to catch up on some reading while the winter sun melts the ice away! 


Toenail issues Day 24 Janathon

As fellow runners will attest to, running can cause havoc with your nails. I am fully used to have black toenails and one or two that disappear for a bit, and the fact that the duvet sitting on top of your toes actually hurts 😁. I normally deal with this by keeping my nails trimmed and painted in a variety of varnishes (or nail wraps over the summer for a bit of fun) but think the excessive varnish along with the damage caused a bit of fungal growth….eeeww I know! Sorry for the detail, but it’s a subject that needs discussing, I’ve caught it in time and aft researching (google) found a simple home remedy…..trim the nail, and scrape out any bits underneath, then soak your toes in a warm water with white vinegar mix to bring down the acidity in your toes and dry them out. Once dry rub some Vicks vaporub on the area, keep doing this for a while and it will work. I definitely caught this in time as after only 2 nights of this strange smelling ritual my toes and nails are not only looking better, but feeling baby soft! Result!

Anyway back to fitness issues, tired legs today, so rode to and from work, so a neat 14 miles all round.
Can’t believe Janathon is nearly over! Looking forward to a day off soon!

Snowfit Day 15 Janathon

Of all the days to pick…..I managed to convince 3 of my work colleagues to try out Bioticfit on the first day that Didsbury actually got some snow! Fair play to them they not only turned up, with 3 other crazy bioticfitters, but aced it! Was super proud that they got through the full hour of boot camp with snow falling, there were highs & lows for them, but the first step to fitness I’d always the hardest. They’ve now joined our fab fitness community and the only way is up now!
After an hour boot camp, I jumped back on the bike and rode about 9 miles to work, my hands and feet frozen solid by the time I got there. The ride home,7miles, was cold and had to take care on the icy roads.