Just miles on the clock Day 11 Janathon

Woke up pretty tired so grabbed the bike to ride to work instead of a run, but made sure it was a run home, 7 miles each way. It’s days like these, the hard tired yards that count, pushing the body through tiredness, I just kept imagining Anglesey Ultra next weekend and how much more tired I will be!

Had to stop on my way home…..to buy onions for dinner 😉Had a lovely chat to the shopkeeper who was in awe that I was running as a way of commuting, always nice to get some positive praise along the way.


Foggy Fitness – Day 9 Janathon

ACTIONI had intended to run to work today, but I thought I would take a gamble and see what time I woke up….mmm 10 to 8, too late! Having left my bike at work, I had to steal hubby’s crappy old bike and head out through the freezing fog that had settled this morning. Not a bad ride considering I was on a blokes bike! 7 miles was enough though as my hands were starting to get cold as of course I had left my bike gloves on the bike at work!
Proudly sporting my Tough Mudder shirt, I valiantly set off for the 7 mile run home, very nipp’l’y out there tonight! The run was good, 8 min miles so pleased with that!