Toenail issues Day 24 Janathon

As fellow runners will attest to, running can cause havoc with your nails. I am fully used to have black toenails and one or two that disappear for a bit, and the fact that the duvet sitting on top of your toes actually hurts 😁. I normally deal with this by keeping my nails trimmed and painted in a variety of varnishes (or nail wraps over the summer for a bit of fun) but think the excessive varnish along with the damage caused a bit of fungal growth….eeeww I know! Sorry for the detail, but it’s a subject that needs discussing, I’ve caught it in time and aft researching (google) found a simple home remedy…..trim the nail, and scrape out any bits underneath, then soak your toes in a warm water with white vinegar mix to bring down the acidity in your toes and dry them out. Once dry rub some Vicks vaporub on the area, keep doing this for a while and it will work. I definitely caught this in time as after only 2 nights of this strange smelling ritual my toes and nails are not only looking better, but feeling baby soft! Result!

Anyway back to fitness issues, tired legs today, so rode to and from work, so a neat 14 miles all round.
Can’t believe Janathon is nearly over! Looking forward to a day off soon!

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