Edinburgh Marathon

  You’ve got to do your local marathon, and with the start line literally outside my door, there was no excuse really.  I’d signed up late last year not really sure of what my plan would be, and with my first 100 mile race planned only 4 weeks after this, it had to be a … Continue reading Edinburgh Marathon

From Fan Dancing on Pen Y Fan to running in all colours of the rainbow

It was a tough week to get the miles in, some long days at work meant for a real push to get out at all. So I was pleased to have a tough event scheduled for Saturday to push my limits. Hubby and I had entered The Fan Dance, run by Avalanche Events, a 25km … Continue reading From Fan Dancing on Pen Y Fan to running in all colours of the rainbow

Fell running on the Trans Pennine Trail

I wanted more out of this week than 'just' running, and I made this happen.  Monday was my easy day, a bit of a cycle commute to and from work, but with a twist....I went to the pool and swam a kilometre before getting a relieving sports massage for 40 minutes that I'd managed to … Continue reading Fell running on the Trans Pennine Trail

36 miles in 24 hours & I become ‘Bug of the Month’

The plans were set, so even without ideal preparations (a weekend of bad food, booze & late nights), the plan was executed; mostly.The hubster and I parked up at New Mills and joined the Macclesfield Canal and ran 26 miles to Kidsgrove on Monday.  It was a good run, the sun was out, it was … Continue reading 36 miles in 24 hours & I become ‘Bug of the Month’

From the hills of Shropshire to the Peaks

Started off the week with a lovely 9 mile hike from Carding Mill Valley up over part of the Long Mynd with a dear friend (& fellow blogger smirnieoutdoors.blogspot.co.uk). Considering the weather throughout the UK we were treated to a dry day with patches of sunshine!  It was lovely to natter away and soak up the … Continue reading From the hills of Shropshire to the Peaks

Week of Wins!

I never win anything.....until now!  I started off my week with a call from Rosso Restaurant in Manchester, I had one dinner for two with a bottle of wine after putting my business card in the draw over a Christmas Networking event held there.  How exciting!  I immediately got hubster and I booked in for … Continue reading Week of Wins!

Toenail issues Day 24 Janathon

As fellow runners will attest to, running can cause havoc with your nails. I am fully used to have black toenails and one or two that disappear for a bit, and the fact that the duvet sitting on top of your toes actually hurts 😁. I normally deal with this by keeping my nails trimmed … Continue reading Toenail issues Day 24 Janathon

Snowfit Day 20 Janathon

It was Bioticfits launch day at new location of Ryecroft Hall, Tameside, initially had plans to go, then awaking at 9am thought better of it......that was until I looked at Facebook and got the guilt trip from Jams asking for support for the new venue, so coffee down the hatch, a quick change, race down … Continue reading Snowfit Day 20 Janathon