Toenail issues Day 24 Janathon

As fellow runners will attest to, running can cause havoc with your nails. I am fully used to have black toenails and one or two that disappear for a bit, and the fact that the duvet sitting on top of your toes actually hurts 😁. I normally deal with this by keeping my nails trimmed and painted in a variety of varnishes (or nail wraps over the summer for a bit of fun) but think the excessive varnish along with the damage caused a bit of fungal growth….eeeww I know! Sorry for the detail, but it’s a subject that needs discussing, I’ve caught it in time and aft researching (google) found a simple home remedy…..trim the nail, and scrape out any bits underneath, then soak your toes in a warm water with white vinegar mix to bring down the acidity in your toes and dry them out. Once dry rub some Vicks vaporub on the area, keep doing this for a while and it will work. I definitely caught this in time as after only 2 nights of this strange smelling ritual my toes and nails are not only looking better, but feeling baby soft! Result!

Anyway back to fitness issues, tired legs today, so rode to and from work, so a neat 14 miles all round.
Can’t believe Janathon is nearly over! Looking forward to a day off soon!

Snowfit Day 20 Janathon

It was Bioticfits launch day at new location of Ryecroft Hall, Tameside, initially had plans to go, then awaking at 9am thought better of it……that was until I looked at Facebook and got the guilt trip from Jams asking for support for the new venue, so coffee down the hatch, a quick change, race down the M60 and arrived 10 mins early for the 10am start!

On an empty stomach, fuelled only by Chinese and wine from last night a good solid hour in the snow and icy conditions of Parkfit ensued.

We soon all warmed up and enjoyed a fun session of playing tag, squats and some fighting manoeuvres to name a few before cooling down (rather quickly on my part, I get cold as soon as I stop….it’s always a good excuse to keep going).

Snowfit Day 15 Janathon

Of all the days to pick…..I managed to convince 3 of my work colleagues to try out Bioticfit on the first day that Didsbury actually got some snow! Fair play to them they not only turned up, with 3 other crazy bioticfitters, but aced it! Was super proud that they got through the full hour of boot camp with snow falling, there were highs & lows for them, but the first step to fitness I’d always the hardest. They’ve now joined our fab fitness community and the only way is up now!
After an hour boot camp, I jumped back on the bike and rode about 9 miles to work, my hands and feet frozen solid by the time I got there. The ride home,7miles, was cold and had to take care on the icy roads.

Ass Kicked Day 10 Janathon

Thank goodness my hubby suggested putting on my jacket for the morning run commute to work, I think I have been deceived by our recent mild weather and looking outside at 6.30am, it looked aok, but heading out it was absolutely freezing! A great run though, I was warm enough in my gear for the 7 mile jaunt to work, but it is a nice feeling to feel the sweat kicking in under it all! I even wore my new buff from (Never Give Up is the slogan so very fitting!). I kept thinking of my monster race coming up on the 19th in Anglesey through the same website, 32mile ultra planned, so these 7 miles to work are really just base miles, so when I get tired I just think it’s only going to get harder so keep going! It’s a great reward to get to work and have a hot shower and feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.
With Bioticfit circuits planned, I cycled 9 miles to Abney Hall Park and did a monster session of circuits. James, our trainer, certainly knows how to get the most out of all 28 of us. We kicked ass doing static squats, kettle bell squats, squats with sledgehammers and burpees with a tyre to name a few killer moves. I’m feeling it in my rear this morning so it definitely works!
Relaxing on the couch afterwards hubby and I settled in to watch The toughest race on earth, with James Cracknell completing the MdS, Marathon des Sables. Considering we are eyeing it off for 2014 it was certainly educational, scary, thought provoking, but still utterly inviting in a crazy way! Deep respect for all the runners that take part, whether they actually finish or not #Respect!

Feeling the burn – Day 4 Janathon

Sprang out of bed this morning ready & raring to go! 7 mile cycle to work to kick start the day. A couple of positives this morning, it was dry (yay) and the mornings are already getting lighter, 6.30am & the light was appearing on the horizon, I say light rather than sun as that would really be pushing it! 

Good healthy day of eating & finished off the day with an 8 mile run home, where my hubby graciously met me halfway for the leg home which was lovely (not overly conversational on my part as I have to run so much quicker to keep up with him!).

Even though DOMS was starting to set in from circuits last night, knocked out 15 mins of free weights at home to finish off!

Here is a photo of the Bioticfit crew from last nights circuits, what a turnout, 24 eager bioticfitters. If you are around Manchesteco take a look, it’s awesome & gets results


Goosed on Day 3

1st day back at work, so to ward off Monday-itis I got started with a 7 mile run to work, it was a tough one, not sure if it was just heavy legs as a reminder of festive excess or the fact that I didn’t want to go back to work! Day done, so a 7 mile cycle home, but I wasn’t finished yet, it was time for 1hr of circuits at Bioticfit. Absolutely goosed after that! Rewarded myself with a well deserved delicious casserole I’d whipped up yesterday, perfect post-workout food, full of hearty vegetables!