Ass Kicked Day 10 Janathon

Thank goodness my hubby suggested putting on my jacket for the morning run commute to work, I think I have been deceived by our recent mild weather and looking outside at 6.30am, it looked aok, but heading out it was absolutely freezing! A great run though, I was warm enough in my gear for the … Continue reading Ass Kicked Day 10 Janathon

Feeling the burn – Day 4 Janathon

Sprang out of bed this morning ready & raring to go! 7 mile cycle to work to kick start the day. A couple of positives this morning, it was dry (yay) and the mornings are already getting lighter, 6.30am & the light was appearing on the horizon, I say light rather than sun as that … Continue reading Feeling the burn – Day 4 Janathon