From the hills of Shropshire to the Peaks

Started off the week with a lovely 9 mile hike from Carding Mill Valley up over part of the Long Mynd with a dear friend (& fellow blogger¬† Considering the weather throughout the UK we were treated to a dry day with patches of sunshine! ¬†It was lovely to natter away and soak up the … Continue reading From the hills of Shropshire to the Peaks

Short but sweet -Day 5 Janathon

With a case of DOMS set in & some 'womanly' stomach cramps, Day 5 was going to be tough. I put it off long enough and at 4.30pm decided to do my own circuits session, involved about 3 miles of running, 15mins of skipping and a mixture of burpees, squats, lunges & press ups. Got … Continue reading Short but sweet -Day 5 Janathon