Feeling the burn – Day 4 Janathon

Sprang out of bed this morning ready & raring to go! 7 mile cycle to work to kick start the day. A couple of positives this morning, it was dry (yay) and the mornings are already getting lighter, 6.30am & the light was appearing on the horizon, I say light rather than sun as that would really be pushing it! 

Good healthy day of eating & finished off the day with an 8 mile run home, where my hubby graciously met me halfway for the leg home which was lovely (not overly conversational on my part as I have to run so much quicker to keep up with him!).

Even though DOMS was starting to set in from circuits last night, knocked out 15 mins of free weights at home to finish off!

Here is a photo of the Bioticfit crew from last nights circuits, what a turnout, 24 eager bioticfitters. If you are around Manchesteco take a look, it’s awesome & gets results http://www.bioticfit.com


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