It’s the end, but it doesn’t have to be Day 31 Janathon

I can’t believe I have made it through the full month without a day off exercise, looking forward to getting a rest day in, but it won’t actually be until some time next week!

I enjoyed my run in the morning, a nice 7 miles to work in Brooks Pure Grit shoes that I am trialing out.  Because my trek is on the footpath I jumped into Phillips park to test out the grit side of things and treated myself to 5 hill reps. They worked really well.  They are comfy and look good too!

After a massive service on my bike today, it was a great feeling to ride home 7 miles with tyres that have tread and brakes that work!  I felt my tyre after we changed it, and it was as smooth as a babies bum, and the brake pads, well……the pad part was non-existent!

Was supposed to make it to Circuits tonight but alas I got held up at work so that was a no go, glad I couldn’t though as I think I have pulled my pack slightly moving a TV at work, the wrong way, bending at the back not at the knees!  Lesson learnt the hard way!


Windswept & Brooks project shoes Pure Grit – Day 30 Janathon

Only managed a 7 mile cycle to work today.  Had all good intentions to run home, but the weather hit Manchester and I wussed out, getting a lift with my Revenue Manager (Wuss!).  I was disappointed though as I had picked up my Brooks project running shoes, trialling out the new Pure Grit for the week for them!  What do you think?