Muscle mania Day 26 Janathon

Woke up to a blanket of snow that had turned into ice, our planned ride was cancelled as conditions were labelled atrocious and the fact that the park run had been cancelled, I thought an indoors session would be perfect.  I did a full hour of weights and glute work, so much my legs had the shakes at the end. Whew! Tough one!

Now time to settle in to catch up on some reading while the winter sun melts the ice away! 



Intelligent Recovery Day 17 Janathon

Frustrating to be on a taper, and here’s hoping it is for a reason and that the Coastal Endurance Ultra in Anglesey on Saturday doesn’t get cancelled with all this severe weather, otherwise all the taper and carb loading is just going to equal extra pounds!!!

Hence today was an intelligent recovery day with a half hour session of free weights (upper body only) and a foam roller session on the legs to iron out any kinks!

Keep your fingers crossed we don’t get cancelled!!!

As little as possible – Day 13 Janathon

After my monstrous cycle yesterday, my body determined that today needed to be a rest day.  Being Janathon I couldn’t completely take the day off of course, so opted for free weights.  3 reps of 5 different types of weights did the job nicely & spent the rest of the day resting my tired & weary body!  Back to full blast tomorrow!