Sleet run Day 14 Janathon

With snowing falling everywhere in the UK it seems except Manchester, I headed out for my morning run commute to work. It was COLD! Sleet coming down, making it a rather cold & wet start to the day.

Finished off the day with my cycle back home, so 7 miles each way completed. Trying not to over do it this week as I should be tapering for Saturdays big race at Anglesey, which is tough mentally as I start to think I haven’t done enough so maybe knock out a big run, but no! Don’t do it! I’ve been promised the car for Thursday which will be tough for me to take, and just do some weights that day.

We did prepare for our race with a visit to Tesco to pick up our last minute race day supplies, got some Soreen cake, snickers, salami sticks to go with the icky energy gels along the way. Definitely some Mars milk to look forward to when we cross the finish line!Image

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