MyProtein Velocity Range

I had no idea that MyProtein did apparel.  I thought they were all about protein and whey powders.  But they do a full clothing range.  I was contacted to do a review on their new Velocity range which I gladly accepted.  I’m always interested to see what new products are out there.

I got the chance to try out a full set so breaking them down:

MP Women’s Velocity Sculpt Leggings £38RRP

With the promise of a flattering high waist band, high performing fabric, sweat wicking and quick drying they sound great.  I’m a UK size 10 and I went for size small, which when I first put them on I thought I might have been a little off and should have gone the medium but they do say they will feel tighter than normal when putting them on due to the bonded panels and I shouldn’t have worried.  They fitted like a glove.  The bonded panels combined with the high waist band melted to my figure and they felt like a perfect fit, and with the design they were very flattering on both the waist and on the rear.  I’m also just under 6 foot so my biggest problem with leggings is that they are not normally long enough so it will look like I am wearing 3/4 leggings but these actually fit the length of my legs perfectly down to the ankle.  I’ve now been wearing these for different workouts over 2 weeks and I’m really impressed with the fit and the functionality.  From a 30 minute HIIT session where I am doing anything from squats and burpees to crunches and resistance band exercises to a 4 hour run on the trails these beauties stayed put and even with the plum color I didn’t get any sweat marks in embarrassing locations.

MP Velocity Sculpt Sports Bra £30RRP

A matching bra for the leggings in the same color, why not?  Made from the same material as the leggings with built in moulded cups and a front zipper for a tighter fit, which for me was unusual, not having worn a sports bra that zipped up in the front before.  I am a size 36B in a bra so went for the small size even though I am sitting a little heavier than normal (which always means my breasts are a little more voluptuous so I am probably more like a C cup at the exact moment) based on that I would go for the medium as the small definitely was a little snug, however 2 weeks into training meaningfully again and the bra is already fitting better so the small is normally my size.  The front actually has a fastening latch under the zipper which helps in doing it up and it really does give support.  The website says medium support but I’ve been using the bra for high intensity runs and a lot of jumping around in HIIT sessions, and I tell you what those puppies aren’t bouncing at all!  It has a bonded laser cut double layer at the back for additional support and it certainly does that.  The bra is comfortable, it looks great and even gives me some cleavage again and the front zipper idea will be helpful when I’m doing overnight ultras and needing to change bras when manual dexterity is a bit of an issue in getting a crop top bra on so it is definitely going to be staying in my wardrobe.

Velocity Sculpt leggings and sports bra

MP Velocity Vest £18RRP

A relaxed fit vest with strategically placed perforations in high sweat areas which really do keep you cool, deep side splits and racerback style means the vest moves with your body and the high neckline allows for enhanced coverage (which is particularly useful in the sun!). I got a small size and it fit comfortably, and I love the blue color too.  Super comfortable on and feels really nice and light.

Vest & Bike shorts in HIIT action

MP Women’s Velocity Sculpt Cycling Shorts £34RRP

Like the leggings these cycling shorts have the high waist band and the contoured, bonded panels for a compressive fit, and the compression is real!  I got the small (in gorgeous midnight blue) and they fit me like a glove just like the leggings however for the type of cycling I do I would go for a medium size so I can fit my padded cycling underpants underneath.  Very comfortable and they look fantastic on, except the small band is quite tight above my knees where the shorts finish, I think due to fairly decent sized quad muscles which is also common with cyclists so I would probably size up 1 size if I were to get another pair.  The material is a great quality and it appears that it would be quite long lasting too.

Cycling shorts (Photo from MyProtein)

MyProtein offer free UK delivery on orders over £40 and there’s currently a sale on with 30-50% off so quite a few bargains to be had, check them out!