Shattered by Saddleworth Day 12 Janathon

Here I was thinking that I would get a lie in this morning & take what I would term as a day off and maybe just knock out 3 mile run later in the day……but no, hubby had other ideas……Manchester Wheelers had a ride planned today, so we headed off at 8.45 to meet them at the Velodrome ready to head off at 9.30. it was our first group ride bit feeling a bit apprehensive considering my legs felt knack erred by the time we got to the start point, it’s been a tough week! So off we went, 9 of us in total, heading out through Mossley to Saddleworth and back around. The first half was my lowest, I hadn’t taken enough fuel on for breakfast so after the first few gruelling hills I was in a world of pain, and resentment towards hubby for ‘making’ me do this 😉.  It was bloody freezing, my hands and feet had lost feeling and the wind was so strong it was nearly pushing you backwards when going downhill! About 23 miles in we stopped for a very welcome cup of coffee and a bacon & egg bap, delicious! Just what the Doctor ordered! Amazingly I found another wind, or was this actually my first wind? And managed to get home in high spirits. It was a tough day, but this is how you get fitter & tougher that’s for sure. 52 hard miles done with 1.35 km of ascent, job done! It physically hurt to have a shower, my feet were so cold, I think it was initial signs of frostbite, my toes were all tingly, felt itchy and turned a yellow/grey/purple colour! Some toasty warm socks on, a hot cuppa, feet up on the couch and all is well with the world again!

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