Marathon effort, no mileage Day 18 Janathon

Today was to be the final taper before our first ultra, but alas it was not meant to be! We pushed on from Manchester to Holyhead, after hearing the statement at 10am that the event was going ahead. It was a tough old trip, dangerous driving which completely sapped the energy, we would have been in no state for a big run! We thought we’d end up spending the night n the A55 after we were stuck for over an hour as 4 lorries has jack knifed. We made it to Holyhead just in time to hear the news that the event was cancelled. Not keen to end up stuck at the Travelodge in Holyhead we turned the car around and headed back.

Fosters fish n chips with a few beers was the order of the day, followed by chocolate cake and a dram! Not how I pictured our night that’s for sure. Although very disappointed not to be running the 32 miles the next day, after seeing the conditions ourselves, I can see that it would not have been safe, it is ‘just’ a run after all. Now to find another one to do……


2 thoughts on “Marathon effort, no mileage Day 18 Janathon

  1. Most others have posted such beautiful pics of snow, but this is a sad reminder of how weather can be less lovely. Sorry the race was cancelled, but yes, better that than stranded in a ditch!

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