Not quite the run I had planned Day 19 Janathon

So I should have been waking up at 5am, carbing up with some porridge and running 32 miles around Anglesey as part of the Coastal Trail Series, instead awoke in my own bed at 9am, and headed up to Axons butcher of Didsbury to get bacon, sausages, eggs & black pudding to drown our disappointment with a cooked breaky and bloody Mary’s.

I was feeling frustrated after carbing up for a few days, a lot of built up energy! So at 2pm decided to get out for a run in the sporadic snow showers. I ran out to Old Trafford and got a 10 miler under my belt. It was cold and slippy but not too bad, could feel that cooked breaky and Bloody Mary though, not such a good idea about halfway in!

One thought on “Not quite the run I had planned Day 19 Janathon

  1. Just the prospect of running 32 miles has me beaten. Massive shame but as you state, it’s only a run! Good luck in the next one.

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