Just about getting the miles in

My training plan had me down to do 52 miles running this week, didn’t seem likely to happen considering I was having a forced 3 days off Friday-Sunday as I had my cousin visiting from Holland to go to the Bon Jovi concert, so not much chance of fitting in any exercise so I was pretty pleased overall to get up to 48 miles for the week.
It was a pretty quiet week as far as training was concerned, it really was just about ticking off the miles and not much else. Utilised my runs to work to get in the miles, making Wednesday a long run home of 22 miles. I took the route from the hotel where I work, up Ashton Canal via Stalybridge and back home via Stockport. This takes in Old Mottram Road, which is an evil 2 mile hill! Pleased to say I ran the entire hill, slow to be sure, but I did not stop! Last time I used the excuse of checking the map to make sure I was still going the right way to get a breather in! Running back down the otherside I relaxed and tried out some on the run food, pretzels. These seem to be a winner for me as I really don’t enjoy eating on my runs as my stomach goes raw and I completely lose my appetite. I know I have to get better at this eating business if I am going to survive the Kalahari. Hubby was pleased to hear from me that I don’t not eat due to ‘watching my calorie intake’ as really this does not bother me, it is purely a taste thing. But the pretzels are a winner, nice high salt content, and a fairly neutral flavour that doesn’t upset my stomach. I was getting some funny looks from the commuters coming past me though, probably wondering ‘what is she doing munching on crisps when she’s supposed to be running’. If only they knew!
I managed to get through 2 days of rest, but by Sunday I had itchy feet and managed to squeeze in a little 4 miler of ‘naked’ running – no garmin, no ipod – just pure freedom! It felt good!
So after a bit of a last hoorah of bad food (entertaining is to blame!) it is back to training along with healthier eating.

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