A week of ups and downs

Coming down off the adrenaline rush that was Adidas Thunder Run was always going to be a tough week for the mileage.

With only 42 miles in the bag for this week, its a pretty low mileage week but I was feeling pretty knackered all in all.  I did make good use of my runs, as I am setting up some jogging routes for my hotel (who else should be tasked with this except me?) and have used Map my Run to get these underway.  A great little tool that you can use to either pre map a route, or run with it on and it logs your route and you can have this on a map and see your elevation etc.

Work has been a killer, being on my feet all day running around the hotel, moving beds, you name it has been draining my energy, so have had to have a bad week.

I did however join up to Crossfit in Edinburgh!  Did my fundamentals session on Thursday night, and got to a session on Sunday which was great.  Super tough!  I was sore after fundamentals, which wasn’t even a session, it was just showing me the ropes!  Sundays session was great, we did 10 repeats of 100m run, 7 x pull ups, 7 x 25kg front squats, 7 x handstand press-ups!  Ran the mile there and mile back and finished it off with a 25km cycle on the stationary bike.  I am well and truly beasted now!  I’m really pleased I have joined, I think the body needs something different to just running to knock it up a gear, so have signed up for 2 sessions a week, would love to make it 3, but lets see how the time constraints go.

I am looking forward to getting home next week to try on my New Balance Leadville 1210, that they have kindly given to me to use for the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon.  I was going to unpack them for TR24, but thankfully decided against that idea!  So they are waiting fresh as daisies at home in Manchester for me to come and try them out!!  Don’t they just look fab?!

New Balance Leadville 1210
New Balance Leadville 1210

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