Injinji Socks

Injinji socks

I had been reading a lot about toe socks in my preparations for long distance running as this apparently reduces the friction between your toes, hence leading to less blisters.  Not that I am prone to blisters, but the thought of getting any puts the fear of God into me!  They are designed to provide proper toe alignment (happy feet), superior moisture management, better posture & balance as you get full use of your toes, blister prevention as previously mentioned & tactile feel to enable a natural feel & movement in any shoe.

It was a strange initial feeling as I put my feet &  toes into the socks, as I could feel the material between my toes, but after about 5 mins in them I couldn’t notice this feeling anymore and they felt like a second skin.  The socks arrived the day before the Manchester Marathon so no time to break them in beforehand, and I was slightly worried once I was at the start line as they do feel a lot thinner than my usual socks.  But there was absolutely nothing to worry about, they were super comfortable, fitted well throughout and most importantly there wasn’t a sign of any blisters and after 26.2 miles I am a convert!

Even when I have been running in the rain, I haven’t noticed that ‘wet sock’ feeling as much as with my usual socks which is a bonus.

I am training for the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon self sufficient stage race in 50 degrees desert heat that I will need to wear a second pair of normal socks over the top of the Injinji’s, as this is what other desert runners recommend, but I’ll give this a go both styles in some sandy dunes soon.

There are some cool colours in the Injinji range to choose from and I am particularly keen on the rainbow style!

So all in all, I would say give these socks a try, particularly if you are prone to blisters/rubbing, and I give them a 4 out of 5.

Read more about Injinji socks at .  They are an American based company but have many UK suppliers.  I bought mine from for £9 (RRP £13).  There are many other suppliers as well.  I think it is a fair price to pay for a high level of quality.  I have been wearing mine now for 2 months (yes, many washes in between) and they are holding up well, still feel soft & comfortable with no visible signs of wear.

15 thoughts on “Injinji Socks

  1. You should try those toe socks from Knitido. They are the only ones with an anti friction layer under the sock so you won’t slide anymore in your shoes during a run. For more pics go check out my blog.

      1. Yes just give me your european size (38-38, 39-42, 43-46) and your home adress. In return if they please you give me a feedback i can share too. Knitido is still growing but very slowly.

      2. Fantastic! Would love to try them out, I am a womens EU42. If you send them to my work address that is easier, I am at Lucja Leonard, Crowne Plaza Edinburgh – Royal Terrace, 18 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, UK EH7 5AQ. Will definitely do a review. Cheers Lucja

      3. Ok i will send them maybe today. I hope you will enjoy and give me a feedback. If you know some shops afterwards who would take them good too because there are not one shop in the uk who sells them.

      4. Hello
        Happy that you got them. I will wait for your review,and if possible you could contact them. Allways better when the athlete contacts a shop for omething newthan the retailer himself. I use the mmyself but nobody would take me as ma own publicity maker. But yeah as of right now, no one has them in the UK.

  2. Yes just give me your european size (38-38, 39-42, 43-46) and your home adress. In return if they please you give me a feedback i can share too. Knitido is still growing but very slowly.

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