All terrain mixed workout Day 21 Janathon

Still having some energy to burn this morning, I started the day with a free weights session at home. Half hours worth on the upper body and 15 mins of lower body followed by some planking and 3 sets of 10 push ups.

Cooked up a belly warming spicy lentil dish for lunch which tasted great at the time, but certainly not good pre-run fuel (note to oneself for future), doesn’t taste so good when it’s repeating on you when you’re bouncing along the paths! 😖

This afternoon headed out at 3pm with the hubster to knock out some miles. We headed out through Didsbury (had to drop the weekends lovefilm at the post office 😉), through Didsbury park and down along the River Mersey, back through Chorlton. It certainly was varied, running on pavement, then trail, mud, sand & snow. Hubby threw in a few hills as well, so it was a tough 13.1 miles, could feel the bum cheeks getting a bloody good workout!

A nice hot shower followed by a hot cup of tea and a foam roller session, now what’s for a woman’s dinner?

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