Jog Scotland at Westwoods

I got asked to cover the running group that Brendan and Fiona run at Westwood’s health club while Brendan was recovering from an injury. I was to look after the 6pm class, intermediate group of mixed abilities with numbers varying each week but anywhere from 6-14 at a time. Having only recently ‘qualified’ as a jog leader via Jog Scotland I have to admit I was slightly nervous for my first big group session. I made sure I reccied the area the weekend before and planned out my first session well, speed.  I need not have been nervous, I love running and I know what I’m talking about so as soon as I got started into the warm up I was in my groove. I enjoyed a full 9 weeks of running the group, taking them through different sessions each week such as speed, steady, hills, intervals and fartleks.
It’s been a positive experience for both the group and myself. I feel I’ve learnt a lot about running with larger groups of mixed abilities and how to ensure they all get an equal workout, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the runners each with their own stories, goals and successes to share. From their feedback they have really enjoyed a different style of leader, experiencing some different types of sessions and alternative warm up and stretching exercises. They have also enjoyed hearing about my ultra running, nutrition, kit and training aspects as well as my own story of fatty to fittie which has helped to motivate and inspire them some more.
I thought my stint was over, but it turns out they love me that much I am coming back on a permanent basis starting next week Tuesday September 16th for both the 6pm and 7pm classes, so check it out and why not sign up yourself?

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