Spartan Beast Edinburgh

As if the Spartan race series isn't hard enough....Edinburgh's Spartan Beast was made all the more memorable and challenging with the 'summer' conditions experienced. 15 miles in the Pentland Hills, 3,500m of ascent with 30+ obstacles!! No wonder it felt hard.  Normally the distance and ascent in itself would not be a struggle but not … Continue reading Spartan Beast Edinburgh

Running’s Greatest Reward

Running has given me a great reason to travel the world and I’ve been fortunate to run in locations from South Africa to America to Turkey to all over the United Kingdom and whilst every race has given me many rewards and enjoyment none have been as great as the reward of everlasting friendships. This … Continue reading Running’s Greatest Reward

My 5 favourite runs in Edinburgh

Whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions, you were inspired by the stunning feats at the Commonwealth Games last year, or even by your neighbour or friend that gets out running in our beautiful city; every day is a great day for running in Edinburgh.  I have put together a list of my 5 favourites to share … Continue reading My 5 favourite runs in Edinburgh

Celebrate Valentines Day with a Run!

Celebrate Valentines Day with a difference this year and come and join me in supporting Bethany Christian Trust, by running the 5km Partner Run. As part of my role within Crowne Plaza Edinburgh - Royal Terrace, I have teamed up with our chosen charity, Bethany Christian Trust, to hold a 5km fun run at 10am … Continue reading Celebrate Valentines Day with a Run!

Run in the Dark

As a keen runner and lover of my beautiful city of Edinburgh, I couldn’t resist getting involved in The Run in the Dark, taking place world wide on the 12th November in various cities at various times, in the dark (as the name would suggest).  As darkness descends around the world, thousands of runners will … Continue reading Run in the Dark

Edinburgh Ultra Festival

It will come as no surprise to you that I am involved in organising a great fun filled, adventure packed and informative ultra running day in Edinburgh.  I have hooked up with legendary Andy Mouncey and created a full day of excitement for the running community. Whether you are already an accomplished ultra runner, or … Continue reading Edinburgh Ultra Festival

Jog Scotland at Westwoods

I got asked to cover the running group that Brendan and Fiona run at Westwood's health club while Brendan was recovering from an injury. I was to look after the 6pm class, intermediate group of mixed abilities with numbers varying each week but anywhere from 6-14 at a time. Having only recently 'qualified' as a … Continue reading Jog Scotland at Westwoods

Endurance Life – Coastal Trail Series – Northumberland Ultra 35.7 miles

My first DNFAfter training hard the week before with 123 miles ran I was feeling pretty invincible to say the least. Well I was in my head in any case but my legs seem to tell a different story which was to play out later in the week.  I had felt OK but knowing I … Continue reading Endurance Life – Coastal Trail Series – Northumberland Ultra 35.7 miles