Race to the Stones

Earlier in the year I wrote about being chosen as part of The North Face ultra team, 10 women running 100km non-stop at Race to the Stones. It feels like a lifetime ago, but here I was ready to run. I was feeling good considering I'd just got back at the beginning of July after a … Continue reading Race to the Stones

Mystique of the Mohican

When our friend, Peter (Princess) Joergensen, suggested we join him on a trip to America to run the Mohican 100 we didn’t really take into account how soon it was after running Marathon Des Sables but wanted to give it a go. And let’s face it, any excuse that results in ending up in New York & … Continue reading Mystique of the Mohican

Selection for The North Face Ultra Team – excited or what!

After the elation of completing the Marathon Des sables, I was expecting to 'come down' as you normally would imagine after such a massive achievement and experience in my life. But that was not to be, I had been selected as part of The North Face Ultra Team! What fantastic news! I have been chosen, … Continue reading Selection for The North Face Ultra Team – excited or what!