Muddy Monkeys

Looking for something that will challenge you but at the same time fun? Involving loads of glorious mud and even more laughter? Then Total Warrior is for you! When Dave Gaffney from Total Warrior first approached me with the idea to join in the action, I was a bit sceptical. Yes I’ve done obstacle type … Continue reading Muddy Monkeys

Incorporating strength training

Runners run, right? But what about strength training? I have come to realise through my own experiences with strength training and research into how the top runners train that it is an integral part of a runners training plan if they are to succeed. I dabbled in crossfit last year for a few months from … Continue reading Incorporating strength training

The gravity of the situation dawns on me!

It's 7 (& a half) weeks to go until Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, and I've fallen off the wagon. I could blame work, actually I will blame work as I was cracking along great guns until this whole help out in Edinburgh for a few weeks turned permanent move came up; and that has thrown … Continue reading The gravity of the situation dawns on me!