I came and I conquered!

A giant wall nearly 30 feet high stretching 5,000 miles through Northern China built in the Ming Dynasty to keep invaders out and now a UNESCO site, many parts are through tough, rugged mountainous terrain....perfect for a marathon right?  With 20,000+ steps traversing the Gubeikou and Jinshanling sections of the Great Wall on both older … Continue reading I came and I conquered!

Pioneering the Wilderness of Outer Mongolia

Mongolia is a rugged, land locked country nestled between China and Russia made up of vast eco regions and deserts and is truly one of the world's last undiscovered travel destinations. When the opportunity presented itself to join in on an expedition to Outer Mongolia to experience not only the culture of a vastly different country … Continue reading Pioneering the Wilderness of Outer Mongolia

I am an Ultra Runner! And so is Dion!

After a false start on 19th January when I was supposed to be running the Endurance Life http://www.endurancelife.com Coastal Trail Series Anglesey Ultra, but this got cancelled due to the snow, I finally made it to the start line of my first Ultra with hubby in tow.  34 miles around the North York Moors.  Of … Continue reading I am an Ultra Runner! And so is Dion!

Colourful new shoes – Day 22 Janathon

Was definitely feeling it from yesterdays efforts, particularly the weighted squats, DOMS in inner thighs......that's a good thing in my book by the way!7 mile cycle to work got the blood flowing again.  It wasn't too icy either which was nice.  I did double glove and double sock just to make sure though!A package arrived … Continue reading Colourful new shoes – Day 22 Janathon