Making Plans

After such a big year in 2016, particularly with my personal challenge of running #500kin5days with Marina Ranger in Simply Runderful; my body needed a rest.  So did my heart and my mind. I'd had a lot going on in the back end of the year with my husband, Dion living in China from August until … Continue reading Making Plans

#500kin5days – Simply Runderful Adventure

adventure ədˈvɛntʃə/Submit noun noun: adventure; plural noun: adventures an unusual and exciting or daring experience. "her recent adventures in Italy" synonyms: exploit, escapade, deed, feat, trial, experience, incident, occurrence, event, happening, episode, affair; More excitement associated with danger or the taking of risks. "she travelled the world in search of adventure" synonyms: excitement, exciting experience, … Continue reading #500kin5days – Simply Runderful Adventure

Running with Ben – The 401 Challenge

Meet Ben Smith, the man who is currently just over half way of his challenge to run 401 marathons in 401 days, raising £250k for two fantastic charities 'Stonewall' and 'Kidscape', working tirelessly to combat bullying in our schools and society.  Get involved yourself by joining him for a marathon, or part of one, donating, … Continue reading Running with Ben – The 401 Challenge