Race to the Stones

Earlier in the year I wrote about being chosen as part of The North Face ultra team, 10 women running 100km non-stop at Race to the Stones. It feels like a lifetime ago, but here I was ready to run. I was feeling good considering I'd just got back at the beginning of July after a … Continue reading Race to the Stones

Mystique of the Mohican

When our friend, Peter (Princess) Joergensen, suggested we join him on a trip to America to run the Mohican 100 we didn’t really take into account how soon it was after running Marathon Des Sables but wanted to give it a go. And let’s face it, any excuse that results in ending up in New York & … Continue reading Mystique of the Mohican

Edinburgh Marathon

  You’ve got to do your local marathon, and with the start line literally outside my door, there was no excuse really.  I’d signed up late last year not really sure of what my plan would be, and with my first 100 mile race planned only 4 weeks after this, it had to be a … Continue reading Edinburgh Marathon

MdS – What worked well & not so well

I am a Marathon Des Sables finisher! I successfully completed the gruelling challenge and after months of meticulous planning, it's now time to understand what worked for me and what didn't. If you are planning to do this event or something similar, I hope this information may be of use to you. Se my original … Continue reading MdS – What worked well & not so well

MdS – Sizzling in the Sahara

The Saharan desert has just chewed me up and spat me straight back out; over and over again in a week of highs and lows in 'The toughest foot race on earth. I completed the 29th epic race finishing in 377th place out of 1029 starters with a total of 917 finishers. For anyone who … Continue reading MdS – Sizzling in the Sahara

Pre Marathon Des Sables – the final preparations

The time is nigh! The 29th edition of Marathon Des Sables will kick off in the Sahara desert on Sunday 6th April, with me and hubby, Dion taking part and aiming to have the race and time of our lives. Joining 1077 other participants, we will be undertaking an epic adventure to ‘run’ 160 odd … Continue reading Pre Marathon Des Sables – the final preparations

When a healthy habit turns into a full blown obsession!

I had never considered I was a 'runner' until I had a few marathons under my belt and came to the realisation that I was slightly hooked on the sport.  Gone were the days of entering a race just to 'complete', I now wanted to 'compete'.  Being an Australian I have always had an element … Continue reading When a healthy habit turns into a full blown obsession!

Endurance Life – Coastal Trail Series – Northumberland Ultra 35.7 miles

My first DNFAfter training hard the week before with 123 miles ran I was feeling pretty invincible to say the least. Well I was in my head in any case but my legs seem to tell a different story which was to play out later in the week.  I had felt OK but knowing I … Continue reading Endurance Life – Coastal Trail Series – Northumberland Ultra 35.7 miles

Pilgrims Ultra – 2 day event, 66 miles

Driving down to The North Downs way from Edinburgh for the Pilgrims Ultra looked ominous for the pending race. As soon as we crossed the border into England the rain started, and didn't stop! Torrential rain & hazardous driving conditions made the drive extra long, and looking out to fields of water we could only … Continue reading Pilgrims Ultra – 2 day event, 66 miles

On track & feeling strong

What a week! 84 miles in total!  That is the furthest I have ran since completing the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon in October last year.  Considering I am training for Pilgrims Ultra in a couple of weeks in the lead up to Marathon Des Sables in April, I would say that is well on track. … Continue reading On track & feeling strong